Nov 30, 2011

Wait...It's only the Second Week of Advent!

It's already the Second Week of Advent! That's right, we are 1/4th of the way done and well on our way to the celebration of Christmas! But, WAIT, were not quite there yet!

And yes, that is the correct word: WAIT!

Advent is a time of waiting. Yes, we wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We wait to open our Christmas presents on the morning of December 25th. We also wait for those grand family gatherings with loved ones who have traveled great distance to be reunited for that short encounter. You see, we can't escape waiting. The question is, are we internalizing? Are we training our spiritual senses to wait, to hunger and desire more for the coming of Jesus?

You see, when the Church celebrates Advent, she does not simply focus on the birth of Jesus when He came 2,000 years ago in the cave in Bethlehem. The Church also calls us to reflect and prepare for the great Second Coming of Jesus was as Christians should be longing for everyday. That is the Mystery of Faith, right? We proclaim your death O Lord, and profess your Resurrection, until you again!

So as we enter the Second Week of Advent, I invite you to meditate on Jesus. Learn to desire Him more and more. Cultivate a longing in your heart for His Second Coming. You see, as Christians we don't have to fear nuclear war or things of that sort. Though we do work of peace and justice, our hope and confidence is in Jesus, and we believe He will come again, in His glory!

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus, come!